The Process

Wondering how your website project will go? Here’s what you can expect.


Each project is unique, but overall the process ultimately stays the same. Whether it’s a custom website made from scratch or just a quick refresh, we still cover all the bases to make sure you get the best possible product.



The purpose of this phase is three-fold: define the project scope, establish an agreement, and  process the downpayment.  We use a Project Intake Form to help us understand the breadth and depth your website project will entail so we can give you a proper quote and make a realistic schedule.



We create mockups of each page-type featured throughout your website as defined in the agreed upon plan.

The purpose is to define the logical flow and general sense of the site layout before designing the look and feel.

We address questions like: How will the site be structured? What pages/sections of information will be included? Which functionalities will each page contain? 

At this point, we’re not concerned about whether the design is aesthetically pleasing, just that it works and flows well.



If branding is part of your contract, we start working on your Brand Style Guide (a document that defines in detail how your brand is portrayed). Or, if you already have a style guide in place, we use that!

Part of this phase involves creating a brand moodboard. A moodboard is essentially a collage of pictures, colors, fonts, textures, and patterns that best exemplify your unique brand. This helps ensure we’re on the same page and accurately portraying the heart and soul of your business.



Now that we have the mockups and moodboard, it’s coding time! This is when we create the actual website, which we build using WordPress + Divi along with custom CSS, HTML, and Javascript.

Still skeptical about WordPress? Check out our blog post, you’ll see why we love it so much.



This goes on behind the scenes. We run an extensive amount of tests – both ours and 3rd party software – to verify that the site is working the way it’s supposed to, that it responds to different screen sizes and operating systems, and leaves users with a positive experience.

Testing is an extremely important part of development, and it doesn’t stop there. If you are on one of our maintenance plans, we’ll be running tests constantly after the site launches. We monitor the site 24/7 to make sure it’s up and running, and secure it so no hackers can get in there.



We typically do a “soft launch” (one that is not publicly broadcasted) as part of the testing phase, but a lot of clients will still choose a specific day to announce to their worlds that their new site is up.

This is when we exchange testimonials, sign the project completion agreement, and get the final payment processed.

Then what, you say? Party on, Wayne!



Need more information? Let’s talk about some options!

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